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Life is your art


A powerful life coaching workshop that helps teenagers evolve their confidence within the way they think, act and look. 

Are you ready to BOSS up and create a strong vision to direct your dreams into a happy successful lifestyle balance that works?

Having a professional confidence coach will help you to unleash your purpose to the world and reach higher levels of happiness, success, and overall fulfillment. 

The role model way will help you...

  • .Grow your confidence to peak performance within the way you think, act, and look.


  • Stop procrastination and help you move forward with your dreams and goals. 

  • Improve your public speaking, presentation, and communication skills. 

  • Deal with stumbling blocks. 

  • Enhance your creativity and network. 


What's Included?

  All-round confidence building within the way you think, act and look.

Confidence in the way you look:You will be challenged to open up about all aspects of your image and develop newfound confidence within the way you look with a professional photoshoot.

Confidence in the way you think:You will be guided through special life coaching rituals to break through any limiting beliefs to access your purpose.

Confidence in the way you act: You will discover new ways of seeing the world and how to stand out from the crowd and become a leader.  

Confidence in relationships: You will learn how to build an amazing network of long-lasting personal and business relationships and how to promote yourself on a global level. 

Confidence in communcation: Feel super confident when communcating with yourself and others. 

Confidence in goal settings: Gain in-depth constructive feedback about your life and receive new milestone goals to work towards. 

  • Professional photoshoot with x2 edits

  • Role Model Academy certification on completion.

Time per session: 3 hours 

Period of the program: 2 months  

Amount of Sessions: 4 

Client Reviews and Accomplishments

I would highly recommend the role model way because you don’t often realise what challenges you face until you’re thrown in the deep end to face them, you never really understand what you're going through until someone helps you overcome it. 

I am very thankful I was able to put myself into the deep end and be able to face what it was that was bringing me down and now I see a new light, not just within the world but within myself and I would never want to go back to how I was before.

-Venetia Mistry

Venetia Mistry
Role Model Academy


The Role Model Mentorship

For further information on the role model mentorship please fill out the client application form. 

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