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An awards ceremony highlighting the best role models from around the world

Recipients At Role Model Awards

An unbelievably inspirational show with celebrity judges, live acts, and a high-fashion catwalk to complement it. 

The Role Model Awards is a glamorous awards ceremony. All the talent involved is highly recognised for making a difference to humanity. Within the show, there is a celebrity judge panel, global inspirational role models, a fashion catwalk with high street designer brands, live acts, motivational speakers, and a 2-course sit-down meal. 


Role models and models are scouted for the show. All auditions are in May so look out for the audition opportunity. 


A selection of tickets are sold online for the show and all members of the public are welcome.


Event Reviews

The role model awards was an excellent showcase of influential people within our communities highlighting inspiring people and celebrating them. For me, the energy was outstanding and it was moving to hear so many powerful stories - an Incredible event indeed. I would most definitely recommend this event to anybody! It’s a much-needed dose of uplifting inspiration and I felt blessed to be there.

- Jamaine Douglas

Jamaine Douglas
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