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Global online Zoom life coaching 

Celestia Barby Online Zoom Coaching

1-1 personal virtual life coaching program to help you evolve in the way you think,act and look.  

Signature your soul plan is held on zoom and can be accessed anywhere in the world. 


In the life coaching sessions, you will learn how to navigate your success and grow your motivation to become the best version of yourself.

Signature your soul plan program will help you...

  • Build confidence within the way you think, act, and look giving you the power to overcome any limiting beliefs. 

  • Improve negative habits and overall internal happiness. 

  • Gain motivation to help you stand out from the crowd and stop procrastination.

  • Improve your communication, networking, and social media skills.

  • Develop new creative ideas within your personal and business lifestyle. 

  • Have your voice heard and be understood on a very deep level. 

Earth From Space

What's Included?


At the beginning of the life coaching journey, Celestia will focus on understanding who you are and deep insight into your background story.


You will be challenged to open up about all aspects of your image and develop newfound confidence in how you look.


You will be guided through special life coaching rituals to break through any limiting beliefs to access your purpose.

 You will discover new ways of seeing the world and how to stand out from the crowd and become a leader.  

You will learn how to build an amazing network of long-lasting personal and business relationships and how to promote yourself on a global level. 

 Gain in-depth constructive feedback about your life and new empowering goals to work towards.

Role Model Academy Certification on completion

Time per session: 1 hour  

Period of the program: 6 weeks

Amount of Sessions: 6

Client Reviews and Accomplishments

I really enjoyed the zoom coaching. The first goal I achieved was that I have become much more confident in the way I look and most importantly think! I’ve become way more driven in my passion for music but also accept that discipline must be practiced. The second goal is that I do not hold myself back with mistakes as you can only learn from them It was a great step in the right direction. There is no shame to ask for help, the strong will help the strong to get stronger. Not weaker.

- Rohan Gohil

Rohan Gohil
Boss Academy


Signature Your Soul Zoom Plan

If you would like to apply for a signature your soul plan, please fill out the client application form.

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