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Chilhood Photo of Celestia Barby With Family


My mum and dad split up when I was 14 and I was bullied at school for getting my hair cut. Shortly after I fell into the wrong crowd with a group called the chavs. This change greatly impacted my vision for life and affected my mental health. 


In year 11, I failed all my GCSEs and left school with nothing but a weak immune system, and no drive, direction, or value for anything or anyone.

My CV looked a bit like this

 I could not find the strength to keep a job

I was always in toxic relationships

Smoking 2 packs of fags a day

Drinking 4-5 times a week

Stealing from shops, friends, and family 

Taking drugs weekly at house parties

Using a fake ID to get into night-clubs 

My mind, body, and soul were a complete train wreck and I lost full control over my natural soul's ability to see any kind of guiding light to happiness or success. 

Old Photo of Celestia Barby
Celestia Barby Before Her Life Transformation
Celestia Barby During a Dark Period In Life


I got caught by the police drunk driving and had to complete 120 hours of community service for stealing. Having no driving licence I had to move out of my mum's in the countryside. 

I was in an extremely bad way at this stage my overall health was shattered. Luckily my dad, who I had not had a relationship with for 7 years offered me a small bedsit in Leicester to live in whilst I sorted myself out. As soon as I moved into the bedsit I was straight back into the wrong crowd.

Six months went by and I had a message on Facebook from a guy called Karl who I met in a nightclub randomly a few years back. He asked me if I knew of any accommodation in Leicester that he could move into as he remembered that my dad was a property developer. As luck goes there was a bedsit available below me.

Within a few weeks, Karl moved into the bedsit and I started hanging around with him. As the weeks passed I started doing new things that I was not used to like going out for meals, walking in the park, and meeting new people. After 8 months my habits started to change. I had rebuilt a relationship with my dad after 7 years, quit smoking, stopped taking drugs, stealing and hanging about with absolute 


“It was like an angel had come into my life to show me the way.”


My dad advised me to enrol in a business course at college and get a gym membership, so I took his advice.

My brain and body had been damaged, lost, and confused for 7 years and it was going to take some time and serious effort to create myself to be strong enough to build a bright future.

When I started college I made friends with a guy called Marvin who asked me if I would like to be in a famous music video modelling and dancing. Suffering from low confidence and self-belief I decided to take the risk into the unknown.

When the music video launched on youtube it reached over a million views and I received messages on my Facebook from people I didn't know saying they liked my hair, fashion, and tattoos.

 I had never felt this kind of value or love before from strangers. From this moment a fire was lit in my soul and I thought to myself what can I do next to stand out from the crowd...

From this moment my creative journey began.

Celestia Barby With Her Father


I focused on my self-development within my mind, body, and soul adding value to the way I think, act and look.

150+global photoshoots 

Magazine publications 

Music videos


Car shows



Miss Leicester

British Bikini Championship

Miss Gala G Casino

Miss midlands UK


ITV Masterpiece

Channel 4 Naked Attraction

Channel 5 100% Hotter Than


TV presenter course

Photography course

Life coaching diploma 


Celestia Barby With Client


During the 7 years of being off the rails, I realised there were a lot of people on my journey that was not taking care of themselves in the way they think, act, and look.

At the start of 2016, my dad got unwell and at age 81 he died of old age. 
This was such a tragic loss as we had become so close during his last few years alive.

After my dad died I had to keep going not only for myself but also for him. Within my path of self-development, I saw the vision to become an entrepreneur and came across an old garage in Leicester that was up for sale.

 The old garage had two floors, so I focused the first year to turn the downstairs into a photography studio and called it Boss Studios. 

In 2017 the studio was going well and I was able to be creative with different networking events and photoshoot days. But something in the back of my mind was saying “hey you this is not your purpose” 

My mind is a very inspirational place that always brings positive energy and creative light into people's lives, so in December 2017 I decided to try something new “ Women empowerment”.

I headhunted 6 women through the internet and brought them into the studio for an empowerment session. Honestly, I was winging it, all I wanted to share was the fact we are "ON A PLANET FLOATING IN THE UNIVERSE” 

They all turned up on time and left with a heart full of love, new knowledge and a big smile. 


From that moment I realised my purpose was to serve humanity. I have now built the second floor of the studio and called it “Role Model Academy” this is a life coaching practice that helps young adults evolve in the way they think, act and look.


Within the Role Model Academy, there is a selection of self-development life coaching programs that I have created to help lift, guide, and evolve people globally to become more advanced within their overall lifestyles, confidence, and vision for success. 

We all need role models for guidance in life, even the smallest act of kindness can change someone’s mindset or even their day. I have been born to make a positive difference in the lives of others. I will not stop until I have lifted and guided as many people as possible, to help them find the light at the end of the tunnel.

You are invited to join the tribe and become part of the Role Model Academy. It’s time to embark on an educational journey, that will transform your life to venture into deeper intelligence, inspirational awareness, mediation, and leadership adding consistent value to the way you think, act and look. 

The goal is to grow the Role Model Academy to enhance billions of lives. Yes, you heard me not millions but “ BILLIONS”. This world has been made for souls to shine, so the quest is to help everyone smile and feel loved within this time we call life.


Love Celestia V.I.P. = Very Inspirational Person 

Celestia Barby


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